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Dr. Churchill performing teeth cleaning on a child.


Sometimes the biggest challenge teeth face is deterioration from the rampages of soda consumption.  Remember the pH scale from science class? Your mouth, as well as your body, wants a balanced pH.  Soda beverages, even diet sodas, upset this balance and make your mouth acidic.  This low pH environment causes the tooth structure to break down (demineralize), causing white spots and pitting of the enamel.  Once the hole continues through the inner, softer portion of the tooth (the dentin), cavities take hold and need to be treated by a dentist.  Often times, decay spreads to adjacent teeth or to the nerve of the tooth (root canal), making treatment expensive.  Many people believe that if they are not experiencing any pain, their teeth are fine.  However, pain is often a lagging indicator, occurring when there is already a lot of hidden damage to the tooth.


Dr. Wendy recommends alternative beverages to soda and advises soda only on special occasions.  It should not be part of a daily diet!


Soda also has to be filtered by your kidneys, a burdensome load that can cause kidney disease. For more information about soda and how it can effect your kidneys, check out this article from Web MD by clicking the link shown below.



Soda has also been shown to reduce bone density. In a study conducted with 14-year old girls, those who drank soda had a 5x's higher risk of bone fractures. To learn more about this topic, check out this associated link to view the press release published June 14, 2000 by the Harvard School of Public Health.



See how much sugar is in one can of soda when you come to our office.