Churchill Dentistry of Carrollwood
At Churchill Dentistry, We help you achieve the smile you want by providing top quality dental care.


"What beautiful work is in his mouth! You don't often see work that is intact and very nice at that.  All of his margins are intact, his teeth are beautifully restored...I just wanted to say GOOD WORK!"


Fred Strange, D.D.S.

Manhattan, NY


"I was always afraid to visit the dentist. After my first visit with Dr. Wendy, I was at ease. She has a great way with helping people as anxious as I was with their fears of dental visits. I would highly recommend her for any patient that is reluctant to go to the dentist due to fear or anxiety. I'm completely satisfied with her work, And my teeth look great!"



Tampa, FL


"I'm glad I discovered Churchill Dentistry of Carrollwood and Dr. Wendy. I appreciate the friendly staff and the ability to get in and out very quickly. The way Dr. Churchill schedules appointments (i.e. - one at a time, if possible) allows her to focus her attention on me and not several other patients at one time. This is great and means that I no-longer have to waste more time than needed to have dental work done. She is also very knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a quality dentist in the Tampa Bay area."



Tampa, FL


"My daughter has regained confidence with the beautiful smile that you gave her. She even has a job now! Thank you for your wonderful and professional work."



Tampa, FL


"Our whole family's dental needs are taken care of beautifully by Dr. Wendy. We appreciate the personal attention (she does cleanings herself), thoroughness and professional and friendly environment. All the staff is great. No need to be nervous, which is delightful for any dental patient. We give Dr. Wendy our highest recommendation."



Tampa, FL